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Official Name Grenfell Tower
Other Names Grenfell Tower, Grenfell House
Structure Type Building
Status Completed
Country United Kingdom
City London
Street Address & Map Grenfell Walk, Kensington and Chelsea
Postal Code W11
Building Function residential
Structural Material concrete
Completion 1974
Recladding 2016

Companies Involved

Design Studio E Architects
Main Contractor Rydon
Material Supplier
• Cladding CEP Architectural Facades

CTBUH Initiatives

CTBUH Façade Fire Performance Workshop at University of Sydney
29 Oct 2017 – Event Report

CTBUH Leaders Connect at 2017 Conference
29 Oct 2017 – Event Report

CTBUH Releases Initial Statement on Grenfell House Fire in London
14 Jun 2017 – CTBUH-Related News Report

Global News

Hundreds of UK High-Rises Still Need Cladding Remediation Work
29 Oct 2018 – England’s Ministry of Housing has compiled records…

Combustible Materials to be Banned on New High-Rise Buildings in the UK
2 Oct 2018 – The UK government has announced that cladding made…

UK Government to Consider Cladding Ban After London’s Tragic Grenfell Tower Fire
18 May 2018 – Following the publication of a controversial…

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News Related to Grenfell Tower

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Hundreds of UK High-Rises Still Need Cladding Remediation Work
29 Oct 2018
England’s Ministry of Housing has compiled records that indicate only 39 of the 457 high-rise buildings with similar cladding systems to the fire-damaged Grenfell Tower…
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Combustible Materials to be Banned on New High-Rise Buildings in the UK
2 Oct 2018
The UK government has announced that cladding made of combustible materials is banned on new construction and projects currently under construction above 18 meters. The…
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UK Government to Consider Cladding Ban After London’s Tragic Grenfell Tower Fire
18 May 2018
Following the publication of a controversial review of current regulations, the UK Parliament agreed to consult on banning combustible cladding systems on high-rise…
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Further Disclosures Emerge About London’s Grenfell Tower Cladding Decisions
11 May 2018
New details have emerged in the aftermath of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, revealing that a plan to fit the 24-story high-rise with fire-resistant cladding was dropped…
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London’s Grenfell Tower Refurbishment Fueled Fire, Draft Report Claims
17 Apr 2018
A report commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Investigators in London found that the recladding of Grenfell Tower failed to meet standards set out in the building…
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Plans Emerge for Future of Grenfell Tower Site in London
5 Mar 2018
The UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced that decisions about the future of the Grenfell Tower site will be transferred to a new body…
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New Report Says San Francisco’s Sinking Millennium Tower is a Fire Hazard
19 Dec 2017
According to a new report, San Francisco’s sinking Millennium Tower may be less safe than previously thought. The tower, already the center of several lawsuits, could be…
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Review of London’s Grenfell Fire Finds UK Building Regulations “Not Fit for Purpose”
19 Dec 2017
An interim report into the review of building regulations, carried out in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, has concluded that they are “not fit for purpose,” and a “…
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UK Cities Spending Billions in Post-Grenfell Retrofits
13 Dec 2017
Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire safety measures in tower blocks have cost United Kingdom’s councils and housing associations billions in retrofits, prompting…
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London’s Grenfell Tower Investigation Looks into Possible Public Office Offenses
11 Dec 2017
Almost 400 companies are being investigated for possible offenses, including corporate manslaughter and breaches of fire safety laws, over their role in the construction…
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London Mayor Wants Tall Buildings Review, 50% Affordable Housing
29 Nov 2017
Sadiq Khan has set out proposals for a 50 percent affordable housing target, and has shined a spotlight on good design in his recently published London Plan draft. He is…
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Grenfell Tower Inquiry Turns Down Architecture Organization’s Offer to Help
22 Nov 2017
The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry has refused a prominent architecture organization's application to become a “core participant” (CP) on the review into the 71 deaths…
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UK's RIBA Demands Sprinklers and Fire Escapes for New and Refurbished Multistory Homes
20 Oct 2017
Responding to the Grenfell Tower fire, UK's RIBA has called for every new residential building over three floors to have more than one vertical means of escape, as well…
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Grenfell Probe in London Widens to 336 Companies
22 Sep 2017
The Grenfell Tower fire probe has widened to include 336 firms thought to be involved in the construction, refurbishment, or management of the building. Manslaughter is…
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As One London Tower is Evacuated for Safety Reasons, Cladding Used on Others Passes Safety Test
14 Aug 2017
While residents of the Ledbury estate in southeast London have been told to move out after structural problems were found, a cladding system using stonewall insulation…
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NSW Government to Crack Down on Dangerous Building Materials After Grenfell Fire
8 Aug 2017
The New South Wales (NSW) government has unveiled a fire safety plan that it says is “Australia’s most comprehensive” response to the issues exposed by London’s deadly…
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Flames Engulf Dubai's Torch Tower Once Again
4 Aug 2017
For the second time in two years, a large blaze has ripped through the 79-story Torch Tower in Dubai, one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. All residents…
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Probe into London’s Grenfell Tower Fire Shows Flammable Cladding in 80+ Buildings
31 Jul 2017
The investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 80 people in June, has revealed that a type of cladding and insulation used in more than 80 tower blocks…
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600 UK High-Rises Identified with Grenfell Tower-Style Cladding
22 Jun 2017
Around 600 UK high-rises are believed to be covered in similar cladding to the material suspected of worsening the deadly London apartment block fire, the British…
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Grenfell House Fire Provokes Investigation into Cladding on NSW Towers
20 Jun 2017
Flammable cladding blamed for the rapid spread of the fatal blaze that occurred at Grenfell House in London was pinpointed as contributing to a past fire in a Melbourne…
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Grenfell House Cladding Identified as Cheaper and More Flammable Option
19 Jun 2017
The cladding used in the Grenfell House renovation has been identified as a cheaper and more flammable variety. The aluminum-composite panels were installed prior to a…
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London Government to Inspect Tower Blocks Following Grenfell House Fire
16 Jun 2017
Following a devastating fire that took place in a 24-story residential high-rise in West London on June 14, all 4,000 high-rise tower blocks in the UK similar to Grenfell…
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Fatal Fire Engulfs London’s 24-Story Grenfell House
14 Jun 2017
A fire transformed Grenfell House, a high-rise apartment tower in West London, into an inferno early Wednesday morning, sending at least 74 people to hospitals and…

Research Papers

How to Protect High-Rise Egress Routes?
Apr 2018 – CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue II

Planning for a Taller London
Apr 2018 – CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue II

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