Nishkian Menninger

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Formerly named Nishkian & Associates

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Note: All listed data for proposed or under construction buildings is based on the most reliable information currently available. This data is thus subject to change until the building has completed and all information can be confirmed and ratified by the CTBUH.

  Completed   Architecturally Topped Out   Structurally Topped Out   Under Construction   On Hold   Never Completed   Proposed   Vision   Demolished
ID #   Status Building Name City Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Completed Material Use
3978 1   COM Hilton San Francisco Union Square San Francisco (US) 150.3 493 46 1971 steel hotel
12790 2   COM San Francisco Marriott San Francisco (US) 132.9 436 39 1989 steel hotel
17635 3   COM Fox Plaza San Francisco (US) 107.9 354 29 1967 residential / office
17520 4   COM Bridgeview San Francisco (US) 101.4 333 26 2002 concrete residential / retail
17519 5   VIS 601 City Center Oakland (US) 91.6 300 23 - steel/concrete office
17521 6   COM 717 Olympic Los Angeles (US) 90.3 296 26 2008 concrete residential / retail
32331 7   COM 1200 California Apartments San Francisco (US) 88.1 289 27 1974 residential