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The Boro
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Facts & Figures

Official Name The Boro
Status Completed
Country United States
City Tysons Corner
Complex Function office / residential
Proposed 2015
Construction Start 2016
# of Apartments 675

Map of Buildings in Complex

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Buildings in Complex

  Completed   Architecturally Topped Out   Structurally Topped Out   Under Construction   On Hold   Never Completed   Proposed   Vision   Demolished
ID #   Status Building Name City Height (m) Height (ft) Floors Completion Material Use
30556 1   COM Rise Tysons Corner (US) 109.7 360 33 2019 concrete residential
30555 2   COM Verse Tysons Corner (US) 98.5 323 25 2019 concrete residential
30897 3   COM Boro Tower Tysons Corner (US) 87.2 286 20 2019 office