Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

17 September 2021

Sustainable Tall Building Design Exemplars

Will Miranda & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

Some 97 cities worldwide, including most of the world’s megacities with a population of 10 million or more, have signed onto the C40 Cities Climate...

20 October 2018

The Middle East: 30+ Years of Building Tall

CTBUH Research

The Middle East region is hosting its first CTBUH International Conference since 2008. In that year, there were 119 completed buildings of 150 meters or...

08 August 2017

Improving Energy Performance In Gulf-Region Residential High-Rises

Noura Ghabra & Dr. Lucelia Rodrigues, University of Nottingham; Dr. Philip Oldfield, The University of New South Wales

Energy consumption in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has been rising over the last four decades. The residential building sector alone accounts for more than...

19 January 2016

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2015

Jason Gabel, Marty Carver & Marshall Gerometta, CTBUH

CTBUH has determined that 106 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed around the world in 2015 – setting a new record for...

26 October 2015

Structural Fire Design and Approval of a 156m Tall High-End Residential Building in Abu Dhabi

Florian M. Block, Felix Summers, David Black & Tad-Song Koh, BuroHappold Engineering

The tower has an external mega-frame with four story long exposed bracing members. A high quality finish to the diagonals was critical and 3h fire...

31 December 2014

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2014

Daniel Safarik, Antony Wood, Marty Carver & Marshall Gerometta, CTBUH

An All-Time Record 97 Buildings of 200 Meters or Higher Completed in 2014 and 2014 showed further shifts towards Asia, and also surprising developments in...

31 December 2013

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2013

Daniel Safarik, Antony Wood, Marty Carver & Marshall Gerometta, CTBUH

By all appearances, the small increase in the total number of tall-building completions from 2012 into 2013 is indicative of a return to the prevalent...

14 November 2013

Case Study: Gate Towers, Abu Dhabi

Gurjit Singh & Hossam Eldin Elsouefi, Aldar Properties; Peter Brannan, Arquitectonica

The Gateway forms the entrance to one of the Middle East’s largest developments. The developer, Aldar, set forth a challenge: create an unmistakable introduction to...

31 December 2012

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2012

Kevin Brass, Antony Wood & Marty Carver, CTBUH

For the first time in six years the number of tall buildings completed annually around the world declined as the effects of the global financial...

21 September 2012

How Tall Buildings Meet the Ground is as Important as How They Meet the Sky

James Goettsch, Goettsch Partners

If you are concerned about the urban habitat, you have to be concerned about whether or not buildings provide a positive experience at the ground...