27 October 2015

Mediating Scale, Performance and Iconicity: A 21st Century Supertall Tower for Guiyang

A series of challenging site constraints prompted an innovative structural solution for the Guizhou Culture Plaza Tower (GCP), through which a new performance-based expression was...

26 October 2015

Guiyang World Trade Center: An Essay on the Concrete Tube Structure

The acute global concern about resource depletion is driving a reconsideration of the tall building typology. Expectations for energy and material efficiencies are ever increasing...

26 October 2015

High-Density, Mixed-Use Developments and the Guiyang Riverside Theatre Project

This presentation examines the strategies necessary to create responsible and profitable high-density, mixed-use developments, specifically in the Asian market. Using the Guiyang Riverside Theatre project...

26 October 2015

Macro-Policy to Micro-Implementation: Responses to China’s Inward Migration in Guiyang’s City Center

This presentation explores the nature of investment in China’s interior as a result of the 12th Five-Year Plan’s imperative towards medium-size western cities and away...

26 October 2015

2015 New York Conference - Session 1a - Q&A

2015 New York Conference Session 1a Questions & Answers session with speakers Scott Duncan, SOM, Greg Yager, RTKL, and Thomas Balsley, Thomas Balsley Associates.