South Korea

12 October 2011

Optimizing the Structural and Foundation Systems of the 151 Story Incheon Tower

Presentation includes the structural system of Incheon 151 tower focusing on the overall optimization works. It provides the structural engineering techniques utilized to optimize the...

12 October 2011

Development of an Active Mass Damper for Reducing Wind-induced Vibration

In this presentation, the first prototype model of an active mass damper (AMD) which was developed through Super-Tall Building R&D Project (VC-10) is introduced and...

12 October 2011

Mega Toggle Damper System for Vibration Control of a Supertall Building Linked by Sky Bridges

This presentation presents new configurations that can be used in twin towers linked by sky bridges by installing mega toggle damper system between several stories...

11 October 2011

Development of the Foundation System and the Full Scale Testing of the Foundation of 151 Story Incheon Tower

Harry G. Poulos from Coffey Geotechnics presents on the complexity of the foundation design of the 151 Incheon Tower and the site conditions they faced.

10 October 2011

Songdo IBD - Steps Toward a Sustainable Urban Habitat

Songdo is a new city built on reclaimed land along the coast of Korea. In the center of this city is the1500 acre IBD (International...

03 February 2010

Symbiosis: Supertalls and Future Cities

KPF has designed some of the most iconic tall buildings around the world, including the Shanghai World Financial Centre which won the CTBUH 2008 Best...

03 February 2010

Songdo IBD and the Future of Smart, Sustainable City-Scale Development

Global demographics are evolving. With rapid urbanization arise numerous challenges, and opportunities. These important issues are now being directly confronted, as national, provincial and municipal...

25 October 2006

The Purpose of Iconoclastic Buildings in Modern Urban Design

Charles Reid of Gale International explores the reasons, forces, and design principles behind the planning for the international city of New Songdo rising on 1500...