United Kingdom

15 December 2021

Overcoming Carbon, Climate, and Societal Challenges in Cities

Daniel Safarik, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

The tall building, the city, and by extension, urban life, are all facing unprecedented challenges, in multiple aspects—carbon, climate, and societal. The planet’s rapid urbanization...

17 September 2021

Sustainable Tall Building Design Exemplars

Will Miranda & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

Some 97 cities worldwide, including most of the world’s megacities with a population of 10 million or more, have signed onto the C40 Cities Climate...

01 March 2020

Modern Skyscrapers in the Late 19th Century

Gerard Peet, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Nederlands

Skyscrapers are often seen as a typically American phenomenon. This paper aims at demonstrating that in terms of technology major developments are European and that,...

01 March 2020

The Future of Workplace in Vertical Cities: Hanging Gardens, Roof Terraces and Vertical Plazas

Stephan C. Reinke, Stephan Reinke Architects

As the workplace evolves in our vertical cities, the need for “think spaces” and the public realm to meet, create and innovate will become integral...

30 January 2020

Tall Building Predictions for 2020

CTBUH Research

The combined brains of the CTBUH editorial and database staff boldly predict what might happen across the global skyscraper industry in 2020. Check out our...

28 October 2019

How Can a Tall Building Improve the Public Realm and Private Lives?

Karen Cook, PLP Architecture

During the last decade, the City of London has experienced a surge in daily commuters from less than 400,000 to nearly 500,000, with another 100,000...

31 January 2019

Does A Large-Scale Fire Propagation Test Ensure A Fire-Safe Cladding?

Abhishek Chhabra, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants

Substantial tall-building façade fires have continued to take place, even after the world was shocked by the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London in 2017. Much...

28 July 2018

A Vertical Transportation Analytical Tool For the Construction of Tall Buildings

Julien Grange & Oscar Savage, Multiplex Construction Europe

The construction phase of 22 Bishopsgate, London, presented many challenges, but one of the greatest issues to overcome was the requirement to ensure comfortable and...

28 July 2018

Out of Thin Air: The Potential for High-Rise Housing Over Rail Lines

Bill Price, WSP

Cities are facing a crisis in providing housing and managing population growth. The author’s team has identified sufficient land associated with railway infrastructure to yield...

01 July 2018

A Human-Scaled Future for Dense Development

Ivan Harbour, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Critics of height argue that it de-humanizes our cities. Yet a critical mass is a necessity for vibrant city life, and height is a key...