Los Angeles

United States

23 May 2022

843 North Spring Street, LA : CLT, Wide-Flange Steel, & Special Concentric Braced Frames

This five-story, 11,334 square-meter office and retail project employs a robust hybrid steel and timber structural system that combines 9.1-by-3-meter, five-ply CLT floor panels with...

18 October 2016

The Impact of Tech Companies in Rethinking the High-Rise Workplace

While tech companies have traditionally located in suburbia due to lower property costs and the perceived security of intellectual property, they are now increasingly investing...

07 November 2013

Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award: A Lifetime's Work

Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Awardee Henry Cobb's career is remarkable because of his ethical and forward-thinking approach to the design of tall buildings and...