20 October 2018

The Middle East: 30+ Years of Building Tall

CTBUH Research

The Middle East region is hosting its first CTBUH International Conference since 2008. In that year, there were 119 completed buildings of 150 meters or...

05 March 2008

Harnessing Energy in Tall Buildings: Bahrain World Trade Center and Beyond

Shaun Killa & Richard F. Smith, W S Atkins & Partners Overseas

This paper describes the design evolution of the large scale wind turbines proposed for the Bahrain Trade Center. It describes the details of the wind...

31 December 2007

Tallest Buildings Completed in 2007

333 meters high with 72 stories and 480 suites, Rose Rotana Tower in Dubai leads the list of the 10 tallest buildings completed in 2007....