Twisting Tall Buildings

18 August 2016

CTBUH has released a study that looks at the recent proliferation of twisting towers creating a new generation of iconic buildings throughout the world.

Toronto Regional Tour

29–30 October 2015

CTBUH 2015 delegates toured Toronto under the lead of CTBUH Canada. The highly successful tour led to many discussion on the lessons learned.

CTBUH Research: Canada Grows Taller

01 December 2012

Twenty-six buildings taller than 150 meters have been built in Canada since 2005 and it added four buildings taller than 200 meters in 2012, the most ever in a single year.

MAD Architects and Cityzen Development Present on Absolute Towers

18 October 2012

Joe Cordiano and Ma Yansong speak about the Absolute Towers at the 2012 CTBUH Awards Symposium.

MAD Architects Presents on Absolute Towers

25 October 2006

Yansong Ma & Yosuke Hayano, MAD Design focus on the competition winning high-rise project for Mississauga, Toronto, by MAD Design at the CTBUH 2006 Chicago Conference held at the Herman Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology. Also discussed are tall building proposals in New York and China. Like other fast developing suburbs in North America, Mississauga is seeking a new identity that best explains her own character. We take this as a great opportunity to respond to the expanding need of the city in a special way. Our design forsakes the simplification principle of modernism; in fact, it expresses a higher level of complexity and the diversity of modern society through multiple approaches, and also caters to social needs at multiple levels. The building is sculpture-like in its overall effect and its design expresses the universal language of audacity, sensuality and romance. As the new landmark of the city of Mississauga, it will become an icon of the present landscape, with all its twisting rhythms resembling the human body.

CTBUH Releases Case Study on Absolute World Towers

01 December 2012

The CTBUH 2012 "Best Tall Building Americas" award-winning project is the result of a unique public-private partnership and international design competition.