2016 China Awards Symposium, Ceremony & Dinner

13 May 2016

The inaugural CITAB-CTBUH China Tall Building Awards were held at Shanghai Tower culminating with Bund SOHO winning China Best Tall Building Overall Award.

CITAB-CTBUH Name 2016 China Tall Building Award Recipients

25 February 2016

CITAB and CTBUH are pleased to announce the award recipients for the inaugural CITAB-CTBUH 2016 China Tall Building Awards.

Nanjing Regional Tour Report

20–21 September 2014

After getting the high speed train from Shanghai, delegates toured the Suning Gulou Ruicheng project, followed by a trip to the rooftop of one of its 250-meter office buildings.

Megacolumns Research – Update and First Deliverable

10 September 2014

Progress is being made on the Composite Megacolumns research project, with a case study and laboratories selected for the destructive tests

Zifeng Tower Chosen as Featured Building

15 September 2013

The triangulated, serrated façade treatment is interesting, adding depth and texture to the imposing form while allowing natural ventilation throughout.

The Tallest 15 Cities in China

27 September 2012

With over 1.3 billion citizens and a rapidly urbanizing population, China is developing tall buildings more than any other country globally.