New York City

United States

28 October 2022

Solar Glazing for Tall Mixed-Use Buildings: Prospects for Policy and Performance

Jan Whittington, Feiyang Sun, Sofia Dermisi & Qing Shen, University of Washington

Advancements in photovoltaic systems and associated market trends suggest that vertical installations integrated with building façades will be increasingly competitive for meeting energy demands, while...

22 August 2022

Livable Density: The Hybrid Office Building

James von Klemperer & Andrew Cleary, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

The recently completed One Vanderbilt Avenue tower has become the standard bearer for one of New York City’s most ambitious zoning initiatives of the past...

15 March 2022

Towards an Urban Troposphere

Jeffrey A. Kenoff & Peter Gross, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Over the past 30 years, the tall building has seen unprecedented global support. With advanced innovation and many regions around the world discovering increasing growth...

15 December 2021

Overcoming Carbon, Climate, and Societal Challenges in Cities

Daniel Safarik, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

The tall building, the city, and by extension, urban life, are all facing unprecedented challenges, in multiple aspects—carbon, climate, and societal. The planet’s rapid urbanization...

15 December 2021

Megacities vs. Urban Sprawl; Densifying vs. Social Distancing

Astrid Piber, UNStudio

Decentralization and the “15-minute city” are ideas that are currently being put forward to tackle urban challenges, but how will these issues be tackled in...

17 September 2021

Sustainable Tall Building Design Exemplars

Will Miranda & Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

Some 97 cities worldwide, including most of the world’s megacities with a population of 10 million or more, have signed onto the C40 Cities Climate...

17 September 2021

Meet the CTBUH: Future Timber City Steering Committee Chair

The Council published an interview with Jeff Spiritos, Steering Committee Chair, Future Timber City research project and Principal, Spiritos Properties LLC.

19 March 2020

Are Drones Ready for Façade Inspections?

Scott Harrigan, AeroSpect Inc.; Jarrett Huddleston, CANY

After a pedestrian was killed by a piece of falling debris from a 17-story building in New York City in December 2019, city government leaders...

01 March 2020

The Elevator, the Iron Skeleton Frame, and the Early Skyscrapers: Part 2

Gerald R. Larson, University of Cincinnati

In Part One, I documented the evolution of the use of the elevator and the iron frame to build ever-taller buildings that would eventually be...

01 March 2020

15 Park Row New York City - 120 Years Later, Still Relevant in Contextualism and Sustainability

Beyhan Karahan, New York Institute of Technology School of Architecture and Design

After the 1884 Home Insurance building in Chicago and 1889 Tower building in New York, 15 Park Row became the tallest building in the USA...