01 March 2021

Spatial Regeneration for Preservation of Historic UrbanFeatures and Improvement of Living Condition

NaHuang, YongjieCa, MingyuZhuang, et al., Tongji University

Being the origin of Shanghai City, the Old Town presents a high-density spatial texture, a characteristic of local living conditions in the Shanghai context. However,...

01 March 2021

Analysis of Factors Influencing Street Vitality in High-Density Residential Areas Based on Multi-source Data:

Meilun Yuan & Yong Chen, Tongji University

Currently, big data and open data, together with traditional measured data, have come to constitute a new data environment, expanding new technical paths for quantitative...

30 January 2020

Tall Buildings’ Lower Public Spaces: Impact on Health and Behavior

Yu Ye, Zhendong Wang, Nannan Dong & Xihui Zhou, Tongji University

Tall buildings unquestionably need to improve their impact on the urban habitat. A human-focused approach to measuring the social impact of tall buildings’ ground conditions,...

14 March 2019

Tall Buildings as Urban Habitats: A Quantitative Approach for Measuring Social Impacts of Tall Buildings

Xihui Zhou & Yu Ye & Zhendong Wang, Tongji University

After decades of high-speed development, designing tall buildings as critical components of urban habitat, rather than simply standing aloof from their environments, has become an...

12 December 2018

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2018

CTBUH Research

The astronomical growth in tall building construction observed over the past decade continued in 2018, though the total number of completed buildings of 200 meters’...

01 September 2018

Developments of Structural Systems Toward Mile-High Towers

Kyoung Sun Moon, Yale University School of Architecture

Tall buildings which began from about 40 m tall office towers in the late 19th century have evolved into mixed-use megatall towers over 800 m....

01 July 2018

The Preliminary Research on the Relationship between Carbon Emissions and Typical Floor Design

Dong Zhixin, Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.; Chen Yi, Tongji University

The greenhouse effect caused by human activities is becoming increasingly serious. The building industry, which is directly related with carbon emissions, has the responsibility and...

05 February 2018

2017: Skyscraper History’s Tallest, Highest- Volume, and Most Geographically Diverse Year

This 2017 Tall Building Year in Review / Tall Buildings in Numbers data analysis report shows that more buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater...

02 June 2017

Indoor Environmental Quality Improving and Energy Saving Potential of Phase-Change Material Integrated Facades

Qian Jin, Tongji University

The conflict between indoor environmental quality and energy consumption has become an unneglectable problem for highrise office buildings, where occupants’ productivity is highly affected by...

02 June 2017

An Analytical Approach to Measuring the Degree of Urbanity of Urban Building Complexes

Shuchen Xu, Yu Ye & Leiqing Xu, Tongji University

The importance of designing urban building complexes so that they obtain ‘urban’ power, rather than become isolated from the surrounding urban context, has been well...