15 March 2022

Towards an Urban Troposphere

Jeffrey A. Kenoff & Peter Gross, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Over the past 30 years, the tall building has seen unprecedented global support. With advanced innovation and many regions around the world discovering increasing growth...

01 March 2020

The Future of Workplace in Vertical Cities: Hanging Gardens, Roof Terraces and Vertical Plazas

Stephan C. Reinke, Stephan Reinke Architects

As the workplace evolves in our vertical cities, the need for “think spaces” and the public realm to meet, create and innovate will become integral...

30 January 2020

Tall Building Predictions for 2020

CTBUH Research

The combined brains of the CTBUH editorial and database staff boldly predict what might happen across the global skyscraper industry in 2020. Check out our...

12 December 2019

Interactive Study on Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2019

CTBUH Research

The year 2019 was remarkable for the tall building industry, with 26 supertall buildings (300 meters or taller) completed, the most in any year. This...

12 December 2018

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2018

CTBUH Research

The astronomical growth in tall building construction observed over the past decade continued in 2018, though the total number of completed buildings of 200 meters’...

01 July 2018

Exploration of a New Method of Spatial Analysis to Predict the Pedestrian Pattern

Xue Bai & Shen Yao, University College of London

Turner and Penn (1) from UCL have proved that Visibility Graph Analysis (VGA) can be used as a more accurate method to predict the pedestrian...

30 April 2018

Taking the Corporate Campus Vertical

Jonathan Ward, NBBJ; Jiemin Ding, TJAD; Tim Etherington, Gensler

The Tencent Seafront Towers bring a novel concept – the “vertical campus” – to Shenzhen. In housing the corporate headquarters of the fourth-largest internet company...

01 March 2018

Designing the High-Rise Building from the Inside/Out

Timothy Johnson & Jonathan Ward, NBBJ

For over 100 years, the tall building has largely advanced in technological innovation; however very little has been done in the terms of understanding the...

05 February 2018

2017: Skyscraper History’s Tallest, Highest- Volume, and Most Geographically Diverse Year

This 2017 Tall Building Year in Review / Tall Buildings in Numbers data analysis report shows that more buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater...

02 June 2017

The Spatial Performance of Multi-Level Shopping Clusters

Wang Haofeng & Rao Xiaojun, Shenzhen University; Zhang Yupeng, Shanghai Construction Design & Research Institute Co.,LTD.

With the intensification of urban development in Chinese cities, mixed land use in urban centers extends vertically into 3-D and expands its scale from a...