20 September 2021

The Zero-Carbon Hybrid Future of Tall Timber

Craig Applegath, Craig Applegath & Thomas Wu, DIALOG

A patent-pending Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS), with a prefabricated composite floor panel, offers significant advantages over traditional building technology. It is capable of clear...

30 January 2020

How to Reduce Bird Strikes on High-Rises?

Dan Piselli, FXCollaborative

In cities across North America, collisions with glass buildings result in up to one billion bird deaths each year. In New York City alone, it’s...

28 October 2019

The Future of Sustainable Cities and How Tall Building Urbanism has Evolved

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Division

In the past 50 years, tall buildings and their relationship to streets and open spaces has evolved through various scales and typologies. As place-makers, how...

31 January 2019

Low-Rise to High Density in 15 Years: Inversion and the Toronto Exurb

Richard Witt & Les Klein, Quadrangle Architects

Toronto’s most significant urbanization occurred in the automobile era, with a typical downtown business core and periphery of low-rise bedroom communities. But population growth, greenbelts,...

05 February 2018

Helping Cities Plan High-Rise Growth

David Pontarini, Orson Sedmina, Hariri Pontarini Architects

Two studies, both completed for the City of Toronto, are focused on helping cities navigate the issues associated with high-rise growth. The first, the Downtown...

17 October 2016

One Yonge: A Case Study for Complete Vertical Communities

David Pontarini, Hariri Pontarini Architects

The City of Toronto is experiencing rapid growth, with the second largest concentration of high-rise buildings under construction in North America, surpassing Chicago and coming...

17 October 2016

The Space Between: Urban Spaces Surrounding Tall Buildings

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Division

This paper is intended to introduce the upcoming CTBUH technical guide titled “The Space Between,” which investigates the importance of publicly accessible spaces surrounding tall...

16 October 2016

Debating Tall: Regional Governments for Megacities?

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Department; Thomas Wright, Regional Plan Association of New York

The 2016 CTBUH Conference, “Cities to Megacities,” explores the phenomenon of already large cities merging together to form megacities, in parallel with many cities and...

26 October 2015

A Tale of Towers and Cities: A Contextual Approach to Vertical Urbanism

Louis Becker & Julian Chen, Henning Larsen Architects

While the ever increasing global interchange of capitals and ideas have created immense opportunities and growth in cities around the world, the physical manifestation of...

26 October 2015

The Network of Urban Spaces Surrounding Tall Buildings

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Department

This paper investigates the Network of Urban Spaces Surrounding Tall Buildings, the Tall Building as Place Makers how Tall Buildings meet the street. As contributing...