Member Since: 2015

Member Offices: London, Manchester, Nottingham

Website: http://d2e.com/

D2E provide innovative thinking which challenges convention, adding value throughout the lifecycle of vertical transportation and façade access engineering. Helping you create remarkable buildings.

Whatever your vertical transportation or façade access requirements, we aim to provide honest, accurate and helpful advice in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

Independently owned, D2E has grown from strength to strength since its foundation in 2003, and this can be attributed to their continual efforts to provide high levels of customer satisfaction – this is their key objective.

Fields of Expertise

Façade Design / Engineering

Ctbuh Leaders

Rony Eappen

Rony Eappen

CTBUH Working Group: Vertical Transportation, 2016 – Present


CTBUH Initiatives Involving D2E

Vertical Transportation Working Group Meets at 2018 Conference

20 October 2018

The CTBUH Vertical Transportation Working Group held a meeting at the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference to discuss an update of the Vertical Transportation Technical Guide.

CTBUH Leaders Meet at Annual Awards Event

01 June 2018

The first 2018 Leaders Meeting brought together CTBUH leaders from around the world to provide mid-year updates on the Council's major initiatives.

Master's Thesis Challenge

28 August 2017

CTBUH is launching a new academic initiative, empowering Master's-level architecture students to research new possibilities in rope-less elevator technology.

CTBUH Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators Team Holds Second Meeting

23 June 2017

The second meeting of the research team involved in “A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators” was held in Rottweil, Germany.

CTBUH Germany Hosts Symposium on Technical Innovation

22 June 2017

CTBUH Germany held a symposium to discuss the role of technical and technological innovation and its effect on the various disciplines within the construction industry.