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Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc.


Member Since: 2015

Member Offices: Las Vegas

Website: http://www.dis-inc.com

For over 30 years, Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. (DIS) has been the global pioneer in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of seismic protection technology. The markets we serve include; Bridges, Emergency Response Centers, Data Centers, Health Care, Wharves, Defense, Transportation, Energy and Hydro Electric.
Our technologies include Lead Rubber Bearings (LRB’s) , Viscous Wall Dampers (VWD’s) and Low Mass Isolators for non-structural applications.
From helping to develop codes to providing technical support to engineers and government in analysis and parameters for structural modeling, DIS continue so expand its service and technology to meet ever-increasing performance requirements in the seismic protection market.
Dynamic Isolation Systems has provided over 26,000 isolators for more than 500 bridges and buildings worldwide. Prominent projects include the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco City Hall and the 1.7 million square-foot Tan Tzu Medical Center in Taiwan.

Our engineers provide technical support and parameters for structural modeling. Dynamic Isolation Systems will assist you with your feasibility study, budget development and value engineering.

Fields of Expertise

Structural Engineering