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Member Offices: Chicago

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Riverside Investment & Development pursues opportunities of significant complexity and scale, seeking to deliver dynamic mixed-use spaces in a live-work-play urban setting. With collaboration via our established industry relationships to execute visionary and progressive development and redevelopment opportunities, attracting high quality tenants and residents. Riverside Investment & Development approaches real estate transactions with the fundamental goal of exceeding the highest standards of quality in the market. All projects are designed to significantly enhance each user’s personal and/or professional life, prioritizing efficiency, amenities, functionality and technology.

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1 110 North Wacker
249 m / 817  ft
2 BMO Tower
222.2 m / 729  ft
3 150 North Riverside
220.8 m / 724  ft
4 Queensbridge Collective Residential Tower
5 1111 South Tryon Street
6 1900 Lawrence
7 566 West Van Buren


110 North Wacker

Award of Excellence: 110 North Wacker

Best Tall Building, by Height, 200-299 meters 2021

Ctbuh Leaders

Chris Payne

Chris Payne

CTBUH Chicago Chapter, 2018 – Present


1 110 North Wacker

249 m / 817 ft

2 BMO Tower

222 m / 729 ft

3 150 North Riverside

221 m / 724 ft

4 Union Station Vertical Expansion

72 m / 235 ft

5 Queensbridge Collective Residential Tower


6 1111 South Tryon Street


7 1900 Lawrence


8 566 West Van Buren


CTBUH Initiatives Involving Riverside Investment & Development

CTBUH Chicago Presents: A Panel Discussion on Chicago Building Code Modernization

18 February 2020

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter held for a panel discussion focused on the latest Chicago Building Code Modernization as it relates to high-rise building design.

Tour 110 North Wacker with CTBUH Chicago (Sold Out)

25 July 2019

Join the Chicago Chapter of the CTBUH in exploring the design and construction of 110 North Wacker, an under-construction 57-story office tower.

CTBUH Chicago Hosts Panel Discussion at the CAC

22 May 2019

The Chicago Chapter of the CTBUH hosted a panel discussion at the CAC on the topics of new construction, refurbishment and affordability in relation to the city of Chicago.

EMI Lead Chicago Tall-Building Study Trip

25–29 May 2015

A group of 20 Belgian real estate professionals traveled to Chicago from May 25-29 to visit several tall buildings, and related developments as part of a CTBUH Belgium study trip.