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Member Offices: Concord, Hong Kong, Las Vegas

Far East Aluminium Works Company was first established in 1969 in Hong Kong as a small workshop and the business was incorporated in 1977 as Far East Aluminium Works Company Limited.

Through years of growth and expansion, the workshop has transformed from a local aluminium windows contractor into a multi-national enterprise. With exceptional achievements and showcasing some of the most cutting edge design in their projects, they have become the signature of the curtain wall sector.

They believe the world of ideas is infinite and when passionate design is integrated with advanced engineering, the extraordinary often results. Through inspiration, passion and boundless imagination, their mission is to regenerate the design realm by creating the most innovative curtain wall and facade engineering solutions to its finest quality for clients around the globe.

Fields of Expertise

Façade Design / Engineering; Materials / Products / Systems Supplier; Project Management; Structural Engineering

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Burj Khalifa

828 m / 2,717 ft


Torre Costanera

300 m / 984 ft


The St. Regis Toronto

276.9 m / 908 ft


The Cullinan II

269.9 m / 886 ft


Shanghai IFC North Tower

259.9 m / 853 ft


Langham Place Office Tower

255.1 m / 837 ft


Prima Pearl Apartments

254 m / 833 ft


Harbourfront Landmark

232.6 m / 763 ft


The Summit

219.8 m / 721 ft


Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

214 m / 702 ft

Building Completions Timeline


Global News

27 November 2019

New London Skyscraper Gets Approved After Three Year Wait

London’s future second-tallest building, 1 Undershaft, has been given the go-ahead after a three-year battle. The 951-foot (290-meter) skyscraper, nicknamed “The Trellis,” will be topped...

Global News

10 July 2020

Shanghai Tower Starts Repairs on Water Leak

Videos surfaced on Monday 6 July, 2020 after tenants from the 9th to the 60th floors of Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China, found...

Global News

03 January 2018

Dubai Frame Opens to the Public

Dubai Frame opened to tourists and residents after five years in the making.   Dubai’s newest landmark is now open to the public and allows...

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Average Building Age*

14 Years

Most Common Function*

Mixed-use, 11 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Concrete, 17 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 35 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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NOTE: Construction start time is not available for all buildings. The average construction time is only displayed if there is three or more buildings with construction start and complete data in that year.


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NOTE: Gross-to-Net Height is defined as architectural height minus height of highest occupied floor. Therefore, the Gross-to-Net Height is only calculated for buildings that have both the architectural height and the highest occupied floor height recorded.