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Architecture by Belova


Member Since: 2018

Member Offices: Sofia

Website: https://www.a-by-b.com

Architecture by Belova is about finding the balance and synergy between nature and buildings, clients and design team, desire and possibility. But it is also about inspiration and fun. Enjoying the journey that every project offers. From single family dwellings to offices and beach bars - there is no limit to their desire to design any kind of spaces.

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Manuela Belova

Manuela Belova

CTBUH Europe Scientific and Advisory Group, 2023 – Present


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CTBUH Initiatives Involving VA Architects

CTBUH Serbia Conference: Going Tall in Southeast Europe

19 June 2019

Join CTBUH Serbia for a regional conference, which promises to assemble leading architects, designers, construction experts, and developers for an engaging series of presentations.

Tall Buildings Across Generations

15 May 2019

CTBUH Bulgaria hosted a seminar on the development of tall buildings in the country, exploring their influences and transformation over the past decades.

Bulgaria’s Evolving Skyscraper Scene: A Development Update

01 February 2017

Bulgaria has officially received its first CTBUH Country Representative. As such, it seemed appropriate to describe the state of tall building development in the country.