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Member Offices: Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo

The Sumitomo Realty & Development Group, has developed into a comprehensive real estate enterprise within the 400 year old Sumitomo Group.
Based on our fundamental philosophy “to create even better social assets for the next generation”, our developments are aimed to build urban spaces that are resilient to disasters, friendly to people and the environment, and harmonious with history and culture. We have also been involved in many urban redevelopment projects where the key factor is disaster prevention.
We have been expanding our business platform with a specific focus on prime office buildings in central Tokyo and have grown to become Tokyo’s No. 1 office building owner with 230 buildings.
In the fiscal year ended March 2019, we achieved record-high financial results with revenue from operations exceeding JPY1 trillion and operating income and ordinary profit exceeding JPY200 billion. Accounting for nearly 70% of the Company’s operating income, leasing business is clearly the main pillar of our operations and the core of the corporate value.

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Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower

230.8 m / 757 ft


Mita 3-4 Chome Redevelopment

215 m / 705 ft


Shinjuku Sumitomo Building

211.4 m / 693 ft


Izumi Garden Tower

201 m / 659 ft


Sonezaki 2 Chome Tower

193 m / 633 ft


The Tokyo Towers Mid Tower

192 m / 630 ft


The Tokyo Towers Sea Tower

192 m / 630 ft


Shinjuku Oak Tower

183.8 m / 603 ft


Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower

182.2 m / 598 ft


Nagoya Lucent Tower

180 m / 591 ft

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01 September 2018

Structural Design of Mid-Story Isolated High-Rise Building - Roppongi Grand Tower

Since the response reduction effect on over 200-meter-tall resulting from the seismic isolation system is smaller in general than low-rise and mid-rise buildings, mid-story isolated...

Global News

13 November 2019

Developer Chosen for New Residential Tower in Tokyo’s Shirokane District

Tokyu Land Corporation has been chosen to lead the Shirokane 1 Chome North-Central Redevelopment Project. This will see a 140-meter tall, 900-unit apartment tower built...

Global News

09 October 2019

Condo Tower Complex Under Construction in Tokyo

Three condominium towers are under construction in Tokyo with sales scheduled to start in mid-November 2019. The sellers are Tokyo Tatemono, Haseko Corporation, Sumitomo Realty,...


150 m+ Buildings

Average Building Age*

14 Years

Most Common Function*

Residential, 13 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Concrete, 9 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 37 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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NOTE: Construction start time is not available for all buildings. The average construction time is only displayed if there is three or more buildings with construction start and complete data in that year.


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NOTE: Gross-to-Net Height is defined as architectural height minus height of highest occupied floor. Therefore, the Gross-to-Net Height is only calculated for buildings that have both the architectural height and the highest occupied floor height recorded.