CTBUH Nonprofit/Governmental Member

Institute of Architecture and Planning- Nirma University


Member Since: 2019

Member Offices: Ahmedabad

Website: http://www.nirmauni.ac.in/ianu

The Institute of Architecture and Planning at Nirma University (IAPNU) was founded in the year 2014 with the vision of Shri Karsan Bhai Patel and under the leadership of reputed professional and academician, Prof. Utpal Sharma. The Institute aims at imparting high-quality education in the field of designing a built environment and human settlements through the disciplines of Architecture and Planning.The Institute offers an undergraduate program in Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Planning. Both programs closely connect with the creative realm of imagination and empirical execution of the same. The Institute’s pedagogy focuses on understanding of scenarios, development of perception, interaction with the real world and learning by doing.

Fields of Expertise

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