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Ashtrom Group Ltd


Member Offices: Tel Aviv

Website: http://www.ashtrom.co.il

The Ashtrom Group, one of Israel’s leading construction and property companies, has dedicated itself to the provision of professional, comprehensive, and all-inclusive solutions for all its customers.

The Ashtrom Group was founded in 1963, and since then has strived to run with optimal synergy all of its subsidiaries in a manner such as to create a complete solution package for every project, both local and overseas, under a single roof.

The Ashtrom Group operates in several different areas, including the following:

Construction—Ashtrom supplies a perfect design and operational response for projects of all types and magnitudes in the construction and infrastructures field.
Industries—the Ashtrom Group owns manufacturing plants in all parts of the country, producing raw and finishing materials non-stop for every section of the building trade.
Concessions—the Ashtrom Group is widely experienced with DBOT-, PPP- and PFI-type concession-based projects, conducted in close collaboration with the public sector and financing institutions.
International Operations—Ashtrom International, through its subsidiaries, has been involved for almost five decades in three sectors: implementation of large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, development of housing neighborhoods and income-generating properties projects.
Housing—Ashdar, part of the Ashtrom Group, is in charge of initiation, development and marketing of housing estates up and down the country.
Properties—Ashtrom Properties, part of the Ashtrom Group, specializes in the initiation, procurement and management of yield bearer properties both in Israel and Germany.

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Civil Engineering

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Hi Tower

200 m / 656 ft


Alon Tower A

161.7 m / 530 ft


Alon Tower B

161.7 m / 530 ft


Arlozorov 17

115.3 m / 378 ft


Arlozorov 17

Award of Excellence: Arlozorov 17

Best Tall Residential or Hotel Building 2021

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Nirit Rosenstein

Nirit Rosenstein

CTBUH Regional Committee, Israel, 2019 – Present

Tel Aviv

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150 m+ Buildings

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3 Years

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Residential (50%), 2 Buildings

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Concrete (100%), 2 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.

Total: 4 Buildings for which a function has been assigned.
Total: 2 Buildings for which a material has been assigned.

*Based on 4 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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