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Website: https://www.ingridcloud.com

Ingrid Cloud provides a Software as a Service for Wind Simulations. Analyze the effects of wind around your design with our online application: Wind Comfort, Wind Load and Wind Tunnel.

Read more about Ingrid Cloud at https://www.ingridcloud.com.

Values of using Ingrid Cloud:
> Eliminate all manual work
> Reduce total turn around time with up to 90%
> Introduce simulations earlier in the design process and reduce time to market
> Liberate time to value creating analysis of results
> Eliminate human error and increase accuracy
> Reduce total cost of simulation

Ingrid Cloud is a spinout from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The innovation is based on intelligent algorithms and some of the fastest supercomputers available to make wind simulations easy, fast and accurate. For wind engineers, CFD-engineers, architects, urban designer, structural engineers, and city planner etc.

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Computers / IT / Software; Wind Engineering

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