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At BASTET our focus is to provide effective construction management solutions to ensure our clients have the highest potential for achieving a smooth and trouble-free construction process along with the maximum profit. Our advanced reviews and solutions tailor to our client’s projects needs to develop effective solutions that improve the efficiencies with a proven strategy to deliver the most profitable construction projects.

BASTET is made up of a high-performance team of construction professionals and leaders with extensive capital projects experience. We offer a comprehensive range of consulting, construction management services, construction support, value engineering, drawing review, document review, constructability review, construction planning, schedule, and photographic documentation.

BASTET prides its client’s centered focused approach, based on the collaboration of scope of work, communication, and coordination. With over 45 years of combined experience, we pride the steps we have taken and expertise in working with industry leaders. These steps have allowed us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients with respect to value engineering, preconstruction planning, constructability reviews, drawings reviews, and schedule. These advancements have saved our clients millions of dollars, through enhanced and advanced construction methods, as well as mitigated delays and related conflicts.

Our construction solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We recognize the importance of targeting the cost early in the design process and implementing construction reviews to catch issues that could have been avoided. BASTET projects provide you with a high level of professional construction expertise and knowledge in the project’s design development phase to assist in the overall planning, coordination, and control of the project. Our process is aimed at cleaning up errors and finding cost-effective ways to produce a high-quality project that is financially viable.

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Construction / Contractor; Project Management




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Ovation at the City of New Westminster

103.3 m / 339 ft



Ovation at the City of New Westminster

New Westminster

103 m

339 ft