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Member Since: 2021

Member Offices: San José

Website: https://www.regenbe.com/trabajo-en.html

We believe that each project must make a global difference, awakening its vitality to reach its maximum possible potential. Our work encourages the adoption of Regenerative Development and the Challenge of a Living Future in each project, as much as is feasible, and under the idea of facilitating planning and design processes through collaborative, integrated teams

We understand that planetary challenges demand sustainability not as a goal but as an ethical imperative and a baseline. In this way, we guide the development and design processes taking into account that the most critical projects are undertaken "by local actors at the local level." At this scale, place-based solutions find the indissoluble wealth of social, environmental, and productive aspects as nutrients for that vitality. A clear and practical understanding of a place's unique dynamics is essential for regenerative planning, design, and development.

At REGENBE, we exercise this understanding through the Macrosystemic analysis.

Based on the tool used for more than thirty years in various public and private fields as a holistic work method and articulates with its different techniques and tools. Our field of expertise include: single residences, affordable housing, tropical beach houses, commercial, institutional, schools, industry and master planning using the programs of Living Building and Living Community Challenge. We are the LATAM&C hub for mindfulMaterials (mM) advocating for a shift into the materials market in our region.

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Victor Montero-Dien

Victor Montero-Dien

CTBUH Regional Hub, Americas Steering Committee, 2023 – Present

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