CTBUH Nonprofit/Governmental Member

Karelia University of Applied Sciences


Member Since: 2022

Member Offices: Helsinki

Website: https://www.karelia.fi

Karelia University of Applied Sciences operates in North Karelia, Eastern Finland, in a close co-operation with regional companies, educational and other partner organisations. Karelia UAS provides innovative tertiary education leading to bachelor and master degrees as a part of the European and national system of higher education. Karelia is a multidisciplinary HEI with six study fields and 20 Degree Programmes including Degree Programme for Civil Engineering.

Karelia UAS has been active player in the field of wood technology and timber construction. The timber construction became a key area of development already two decades ago, and in 2014 it was chosen a strategic focus area in organizational strategy. More recently Karelia UAS is dedicated to support the green transition of construction sector as strategic choice through the main themes, which are timber construction, sustainable building technologies and digitalization in construction. Development takes place through education and research, development and innovation activities (RDI).

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