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BAUM Architects, Inc.


Member Since: 2009

Member Offices: Seoul

BAUM Architects are dedicated to the cause of architecture with a passion for excellence. Their passion derives from the enthusiastic love of people, and it is also their source of energy which brings their vision into reality.

Their creative thinking allows them an exact an understanding of their subjects from a wider perspective. Baum Architects strive to suggest an enhanced architectural solution, innovatively looking at the complex and diverse process of the social community.

Rather than being a series of stylish shapes, they view architecture as a container which fills the lives of the people dwelling in the building.
Baum Architects endeavors to create heartwarming architecture for a better world, inspiring society and the public community.

Fields of Expertise

Architecture; Cost Consulting; Environmental Engineering; Project Management; Urban Design

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Lotte World Tower

554.5 m / 1,819 ft


Three International Finance Center

284 m / 932 ft


Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

0 m / - ft

Building Completions Timeline



11 October 2011

Supertall Building in Korea

Lotte World Tower is expected as the first over-100-story building which will be completed near future, by 1015, in Korea. 123-story of 555-meter supertall building...


01 June 2013

Meeting the Energy Reduction Goal on a High Rise Building thru IPD Framework

Greenhouse gas emissions and excessive energy consumption have been an on-going world issue nowadays. We can find that the majority portion is caused by high-rise...

Global News

27 March 2019

Structural Work Begins on Busan High-Rise

POSCO Engineering & Construction has completed the structural work for Haeundae LCT The Sharp, a high-rise apartment complex in Busan, three-and-one-half years after the buildings’...


150 m+ Buildings

300 m+ Buildings

Average Building Age*

15 Years

Most Common Function*

Mixed-use, 1 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Composite, 2 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 3 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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