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Despe S.p.A.


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Member Offices: Bergamo

Website: http://www.despe.com

Despe S.p.A. is the first Italian company which, in the 70's decided to specialize in the demolition sector, revolutionizing the demolition world as we know it today. Founded in 1975 by Giuseppe Panseri, today the company is run by his sons Stefano Panseri, Managing Director, and Roberto Panseri, Adviser and Project Manager.

Thanks to its experience, it is able to perform very complex operations, among which we can mention the demolition of the Stage Tower of La Scala theater in Milan.

The great works performed in these thirty years of specialistic jobs and the success obtained, are a result of a constant concern for men, safety, innovation and respect for the environment. Their values that have also allowed the company to maintain high qualitative standards and to be among the most important players of the sector at an international level.

Fields of Expertise

Construction / Contractor; Other; Project Management

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Bluevale Tower


91 m

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Whitevale Tower


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INPS Building


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CTBUH Initiatives Involving Despe S.p.A.

Second CTBUH Demolition Working Group Meeting

01 December 2015

Members of the CTBUH research team visited the head offices of Despe to learn about their successful demolition of Gallowgate Twins as part of the demolition working group.

CTBUH 2015 New York Conference Silver+ Sponsor

26–30 October 2015

After a post-recession hiatus in tall building construction in many countries lasting several years, numerous cities are again resurgent.

CTBUH Explores Demolition Phase of Tall Building Life Cycle

11 December 2013

One of the least studied parts of a tall building life is its end-of-life scenario yet many buildings are now approaching the end of their service life.

CTBUH Research Team Consults Prominent Demolition Experts

17 July 2013

Dario Trabucco, involved in the Life Cycle Assessment of Tall Building Structural Systems research project funded by ArcelorMittal, visited Despe Spa.