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Member Since: 1985

Member Offices: Chicago

CTLGroup’s foundation originated almost 100 years ago as the cement and concrete technology research and development laboratories of the Portland Cement Association (PCA).

They are a firm of engineers, scientists, consultants, technical specialists and architects who help their clients with complex challenges around the world. They serve clients in the global markets of: energy & resources, green solutions, transportation, litigation & insurance industries, materials &products, and buildings & facilities.

CTLGroup has assembled and maintains a robust Quality Management System (QMS) that enables them to consistently provide clients with superior service and work product.

Fields of Expertise

Geotechnic / Foundations; Legal; Structural Engineering

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  • Chicago




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Burj Khalifa

828 m / 2,717 ft


Salesforce Tower

326.1 m / 1,070 ft


Wrigley Building

133.5 m / 438 ft


Wrigley Building North Addition

89.6 m / 294 ft

Building Completions Timeline



01 August 2011

Evolution of Building Code Requirements in a Post 9/11 World

It is not practical to design tall buildings to resist terrorist attacks. However, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 highlighted several concerns unique to...

Global News

23 October 2019

Designs for New San Francisco Development Revealed

A canyon-like tower by MVRDV and a twisting structure by Studio Gang are among the buildings to be revealed for a new San Francisco development....

Global News

20 June 2019

New 28-Story Skyscraper to be Built in Oakland

The CEO of Kaiser Permanente announced 17 June 2019 that the company will be constructing a new headquarters in Oakland and will call it The...


150 m+ Buildings

300 m+ Buildings

Average Building Age*

53 Years

Most Common Function*

Office, 3 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Steel, 2 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.


*Based on 4 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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NOTE: Construction start time is not available for all buildings. The average construction time is only displayed if there is three or more buildings with construction start and complete data in that year.


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NOTE: Gross-to-Net Height is defined as architectural height minus height of highest occupied floor. Therefore, the Gross-to-Net Height is only calculated for buildings that have both the architectural height and the highest occupied floor height recorded.