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CCHRB (Chicago Committee on High-Rise Buildings)


Member Since: 2011

Member Offices: Chicago, Gary

Website: http://www.cchrb.org; https://www.thatcherfoundations.com/

The Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB) is a not-for-profit organization founded to investigate problems or enhancements; support research and disseminate information for economic design; construction; operation and rehabilitation of high rise buildings.

Its members are experienced and skilled in the design, construction and operation of high rise buildings. CCHRB was formally established in 1970, reportedly making it the first organization in the world established to specifically advance knowledge of high rise buildings.

The Committee consists of about 80 members including architects; engineers (structural, geo-technical, M/P/FP/E and others); specialty consultants; building owners and building managers; general contractors; specialty contractors; representatives of professional organizations; and members of the legal profession.

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Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo Ramirez

CTBUH Working Group: Fire Performance of Façades, 2018 – Present


CTBUH Initiatives Involving Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings

In Their Own Words: The Story of the John Hancock Building

12 September 2019

Members of the original architecture and engineering team behind Chicago’s John Hancock Center shared the story of the creation of one of the city’s best-known landmarks.

CCHRB Addresses Question: “Refurbish, Repurpose or Replace?”

12 June 2014

A recent seminar of CCHRB, co-sponsored by CTBUH, thoroughly examined the question of how cities should deal with existing, outdated tall buildings.