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The Yale School of Architecture adopts as basic policy a pluralistic approach to the teaching of architecture. Students have opportunities to become well acquainted with a wide range of contemporary design approaches. The School does not seek to impose any single design philosophy, but rather encourages in each student the development of discernment and an individual approach to design.

The School offers graduate-level professional education and advanced research opportunities in architecture and allied design fields. An undergraduate major in architecture is offered exclusively to Yale College students. In order to further the pursuit of a variety of interests within the study of architecture, the curriculum offers opportunities for study in several interrelated fields.

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11 October 2011

Diagrids for Twisted, Tilted, Tapered and Free Form Tall Buildings

Diagrids, with their perimeter diagonals' triangular configurations, not only provide very distinguished architectural aesthetics in any existing urban context but also produce very efficient structural...


01 March 2018

Dynamic Interrelationship between the Evolution of the Structural Systems and Façade Design in Tall Buildings

The emergence of tall buildings in the late 19th century was possible by using new materials and separating the role of structures and that of...


01 December 2016

Diagrid Systems for Structural Design of Complex-Shaped Tall Buildings

Today’s architectural design trend based on the recognition of pluralism has led to multiple design directions for all building types including tall buildings. This contemporary...