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SLS Consulting, Inc.


Member Offices: Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Raleigh, Tampa

Website: http://www.slsfire.com

SLS is a fire protection and life safety consulting firm comprising a team of engineers, architects and
construction professionals who deliver creative solutions to and within the AEC community. Serving the
built environment on a national scale, SLS works closely with developers, property owners and
authorities having jurisdiction to ensure each project is a success from design phase through
construction and project close-out. At the core of SLS is our philosophy to believe, act and achieve
with integrity. Our company approach coupled with cutting-edge industry practices have garnered the
recognition of clients from coast to coast. With our headquarters based in Coral Gables, FL and
offices in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and South Florida, we have been
able to create clients for life who turn to SLS for building code consulting, fire protection, performance
based design, emergency planning and construction support among our most inquired about services.

Fields of Expertise

Fire Engineering; Insurance / Risk

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One Thousand Museum

213.1 m / 699 ft


Grove at Grand Bay North Tower

93.8 m / 308 ft


Grove at Grand Bay South Tower

93.8 m / 308 ft


Park Grove Tower A

89.6 m / 294 ft


Park Grove Tower B

87.5 m / 287 ft


Park Grove Tower C

78 m / 256 ft

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Global News

05 July 2019

One Thousand Museum in Downtown Miami Has Officially Opened for Business

One Thousand Museum, the late Zaha Hadid’s final residential tower in the United States, is the newest high-end condominium to grace Biscayne Boulevard in the...


150 m+ Buildings

Average Building Age*

4 Years

Most Common Function*

Residential (100%), 6 Buildings

Most Common Material*

Concrete (100%), 6 Buildings

* Based on 150 m+ buildings currently in the database.

Total: 6 Buildings for which a function has been assigned.
Total: 6 Buildings for which a material has been assigned.

*Based on 6 Completed & Under Construction Buildings

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