04 April 2022

Tall Timber Buildings: Innovative Building Design and Damping Considerations

Solomon Tesfamariam, University of British Columbia

The current trend in tall timber building design is a testament to the need for innovative structural systems. In this paper, a new, coupled cross-laminated...

20 September 2021

The Zero-Carbon Hybrid Future of Tall Timber

Craig Applegath, Craig Applegath & Thomas Wu, DIALOG

A patent-pending Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS), with a prefabricated composite floor panel, offers significant advantages over traditional building technology. It is capable of clear...

29 June 2021

Concept Design of a Parallel-type Tuned Mass Damper- Tuned Sloshing Damper System for Building Motion Control

Chien-Shen Lee & J. Shayne Love & Trevor C. Haskett & Jamieson K. Robinson, Motioneering Inc.

Supplementary damping systems, such as tuned mass dampers (TMDs) and tuned sloshing dampers (TSDs) - also known as tuned liquid dampers (TLDs) - have been...

29 June 2021

Applications of Solid Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers (VCDs)in Wind and Earthquake Sensitive Tall Buildings

Michael Montgomery, Kinetica; Luis Ardila & Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto

Solid Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers (VCDs) provide distributed damping that improves the dynamic performance of tall buildings for both wind-storms and earthquakes for all amplitudes of...

28 October 2019

The Future of Sustainable Cities and How Tall Building Urbanism has Evolved

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Division

In the past 50 years, tall buildings and their relationship to streets and open spaces has evolved through various scales and typologies. As place-makers, how...

28 October 2019

Returning Value to the Public With Tall Buildings

Sean Fine, Weston Williamson+Partners

Technology has enabled buildings to reach for the skies, but the impact on the ground has been less inspiring: dense, solid shapes with poor public...