21 June 2019

Will CFD ever Replace Wind Tunnels for Building Wind Simulations?

Duncan A. Phillips & Michael J. Soligo

The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is becoming an increasingly popular means to model wind flows in and around buildings. The first published application...

31 January 2019

Low-Rise to High Density in 15 Years: Inversion and the Toronto Exurb

Richard Witt & Les Klein, Quadrangle Architects

Toronto’s most significant urbanization occurred in the automobile era, with a typical downtown business core and periphery of low-rise bedroom communities. But population growth, greenbelts,...

01 December 2018

Performance of Adhesives in Glulam after Short Term Fire Exposure

Hailer Quiquero, Bronwyn Chorlton & John Gales, York University

As engineered timber such as Glulam is seeing increasing use in tall timber buildings, building codes are adapting to allow for this. In order for...

05 February 2018

Helping Cities Plan High-Rise Growth

David Pontarini, Orson Sedmina, Hariri Pontarini Architects

Two studies, both completed for the City of Toronto, are focused on helping cities navigate the issues associated with high-rise growth. The first, the Downtown...

01 December 2016

The Emergence of the Diagrid - It’s All About the Node

Terri Meyer Boake, University of Waterloo

The diagrid structural system for constructing tall buildings is a recent invention. Debuting in 2004 with the construction of the Swiss Re Tower in London,...

17 October 2016

The Space Between: Urban Spaces Surrounding Tall Buildings

James Parakh, City of Toronto Planning Division

This paper is intended to introduce the upcoming CTBUH technical guide titled “The Space Between,” which investigates the importance of publicly accessible spaces surrounding tall...