01 March 2021

Spatial Regeneration for Preservation of Historic UrbanFeatures and Improvement of Living Condition

NaHuang, YongjieCa, MingyuZhuang, et al., Tongji University

Being the origin of Shanghai City, the Old Town presents a high-density spatial texture, a characteristic of local living conditions in the Shanghai context. However,...

01 March 2021

Cost Analysis of Vertical Greenery in Urban Complex

Nannan Dong, Tongji University; Fang Huang, Brearley Architects & Urbanists

Vertical greenery has become an important technological means to improve the ecological environment condition in urban high-density areas, especially in central areas of Chinese cities....

01 March 2021

Analysis of Factors Influencing Street Vitality in High-Density Residential Areas Based on Multi-source Data:

Meilun Yuan & Yong Chen, Tongji University

Currently, big data and open data, together with traditional measured data, have come to constitute a new data environment, expanding new technical paths for quantitative...

01 March 2021

The 20th Century High-Rise as Heritage: Notes on a Teaching Experience of the Adaptive Reuse of the Metropolo

Plácido González Martínez, Tongji University

The adaptive reuse of 20th-century high-rise architecture poses important questions about the prevalence of authorized discourses in the heritage conservation field. Based on a two-year...

23 September 2020

The Tall Building Strategically Reconsidered— Seattle 2030: The Post-Crisis Tower

Ro Shroff, 3MIX

The current perception of a post-COVID world is highly divisive and despairing. The “death of the tall building” is touted by prognosticators as a fait...

01 August 2020

The Three-Dimensional Urbanism of Raffles City Chongqing

Christopher Mulvey, Safdie Architects

Resembling a fleet of sailing ships on the river, Raffles City Chongqing (RCCQ) symbolizes both the city’s noble trading past and its future as one...