23 September 2020

Ro Shroff, 3MIX

The current perception of a post-COVID world is highly divisive and despairing. The “death of the tall building” is touted by prognosticators as a fait...

01 August 2020

Christopher Mulvey, Safdie Architects

Resembling a fleet of sailing ships on the river, Raffles City Chongqing (RCCQ) symbolizes both the city’s noble trading past and its future as one...

30 January 2020

Brian Lee, Thomas Kinzl, Inho Rhee & Ronald Johnson, SOM

Completed in 2019, the Tianjin Chow Tai Fook (CTF) Finance Centre is currently the seventh-tallest building in the world, tied with the Guangzhou CTF Finance...

30 January 2020

Yu Ye, Zhendong Wang, Nannan Dong & Xihui Zhou, Tongji University

Tall buildings unquestionably need to improve their impact on the urban habitat. A human-focused approach to measuring the social impact of tall buildings’ ground conditions,...

28 October 2019

Richard Lee, C.Y. Lee & Partners Architects/ Planners

While Western aesthetics dominate the world at this time, the rise of the East has led China to reexamine its Eurocentric view towards aesthetics. China...

28 October 2019

Dr. Yu Ye & Nannan Dong, Tongji University

Designing tall buildings as urban habitats rather than structures that stand aloof from their environments has become an important concern. However, without quantitative data, design...