15 December 2021

Designing Holistic Well-Being in the Age of Hybrid Working

Ferdinand Cheung, LWK + PARTNERS

The rise of the hybrid mode of working means that people with vastly different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and individual needs are working alongside and collaborating...

29 June 2021

Application of Energy Dissipation Technology in High-Rise Buildings

Da-Zhu Hu, Shanghai Institute of Technology; Xiao-Xuan Zhang, Shanghai Lanke Building Damping Technology Co., Ltd; Guo-Qiang Li, Tongji University; Fei-Fei Sun, Tongji University; Hua-Jian Jin, Tongji

The principle of energy dissipation technology is to dissipate or absorb the seismic energy input through the deformation or velocity change of dampers installed in...

19 May 2021

Overcoming the Challenges of a Complex Mega-Scale Project

Goh Huan Tong, CapitaLand; Michael McKee, Safdie Architects; Penny Cheung, Arup, et al

An architect’s best work flows directly out of how the challenges of a project—whether they are urbanistic, architectural, artistic, or technical in nature—are faced and...

01 March 2021

Spatial Regeneration for Preservation of Historic UrbanFeatures and Improvement of Living Condition

NaHuang, YongjieCa, MingyuZhuang, et al., Tongji University

Being the origin of Shanghai City, the Old Town presents a high-density spatial texture, a characteristic of local living conditions in the Shanghai context. However,...

01 March 2021

Cost Analysis of Vertical Greenery in Urban Complex

Nannan Dong, Tongji University; Fang Huang, Brearley Architects & Urbanists

Vertical greenery has become an important technological means to improve the ecological environment condition in urban high-density areas, especially in central areas of Chinese cities....

01 March 2021

Analysis of Factors Influencing Street Vitality in High-Density Residential Areas Based on Multi-source Data:

Meilun Yuan & Yong Chen, Tongji University

Currently, big data and open data, together with traditional measured data, have come to constitute a new data environment, expanding new technical paths for quantitative...