17 October 2016

How Big is Too Big? The Implications of Building Tall

May Wei, CallisonRTKL

Advances in technology and engineering have made it feasible to build truly awe-inspiring structures. But as the push to densify increases the pressure to build...

17 October 2016

Are China’s Future Tall Buildings About to Enter a New Age?

Francis Au, Pak Hung Lai & Jim Sheerin, Arcadis

Greater China has experienced unprecedented economic growth, resulting in the development of some of the world’s tallest and most iconic buildings. Many view these engineering...

17 October 2016

Do We Need 700 Meter High-Rise Buildings?

Jovi Chu, Shum Yip Land Company Limited

Through analysis of dense urban high-rise building complexes as well as research on the relationship of those structures to a city’s social organization, this paper...

17 October 2016

Mixed Use Tall Buildings – The Challenges and Benefits of Vertical Urbanization

Samuel So, Colin Dowall & Michael George, JLL

China is the global epicenter of mankind’s mass urbanization and the exploding growth of global cities. China is the unrivaled leader in the development of...

17 October 2016

How High Could Beijing Reach?

Long Ma, Jing Huang & Cheng Hou, BIAD

Can we still save our city? How high can buildings in Beijing arise? Beijing has so many ancient buildings; can they coexist harmoniously with skyscrapers?...

17 October 2016

From Icon to Community: The Repositioning of the Mega Tower in the City Context

Bryant Lu & Guymo Wong, Ronald Lu & Partners

Historically, mega-towers were frequently labelled “egocentric displays of power,” becoming iconic symbols of a city or an individual. In today’s age of global hyper-urbanization, supertall...