28 October 2019

Aesthetics of Chinese Tall Buildings

Richard Lee, C.Y. Lee & Partners Architects/ Planners

While Western aesthetics dominate the world at this time, the rise of the East has led China to reexamine its Eurocentric view towards aesthetics. China...

28 October 2019

Measuring Social Impacts of Tall Building’s Lower Public Space

Dr. Yu Ye & Nannan Dong, Tongji University

Designing tall buildings as urban habitats rather than structures that stand aloof from their environments has become an important concern. However, without quantitative data, design...

11 October 2019

The Garden City in Three Dimensions

Moshe Safdie, Safdie Architects

With a career spanning back to the Habitat ’67 residential complex in Montréal, Moshe Safdie’s work has always evoked images of utopian science fiction, yet...

25 April 2019

Best Tall Buildings 2019: Dominant Trends


This year, CTBUH has vastly expanded its Awards program to consider the Best Tall Building category through several classes of height, rather than geographic regions,...

25 April 2019

What Makes for Tall Building Innovation?

Daniel Safarik, CTBUH

In this paper, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat seeks to define “innovation” in terms of the potentially transformative technologies and practices for...

25 April 2019

Experience-Oriented Design, Connected to Daily-Use Spaces

Zhaoming Wang & Kui Zhuang, CCDI Group

This case study analyzes the creative concepts and technical details of the Baidu Headquarters. The south China building complex is headquarters to Internet giant, Baidu,...