14 March 2019

Study of a Three-Dimensional and Multi-Functional Urban High-Rise Complex in the High-Density Environment

Linxue Li & Miaomiao Hou & Qi Zhang, Tongji University

Facing the challenges of urban form and space quality in a high-density environment, the paper puts forward the development trend of three-dimensional and multi-functional design...

14 March 2019

Tall Buildings as Urban Habitats: A Quantitative Approach for Measuring Social Impacts of Tall Buildings

Xihui Zhou & Yu Ye & Zhendong Wang, Tongji University

After decades of high-speed development, designing tall buildings as critical components of urban habitat, rather than simply standing aloof from their environments, has become an...

07 March 2019

Analysis of Multiple Network Accessibilities and Commercial Space Use in Metro Station Areas

Lingzhu Zhang, Yu Zhuang

Against the background of the rapid development of the Shanghai Metro network, this paper attempts to establish an analytical approach to evaluate the impact of...

31 January 2019

Green Communal Spaces at Height In a High-Density City

Edwin (Chi Wai) Chan, New World Development Company Ltd.; Janette (Wan Ming) Chan, P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.

In contrast to the typically generic design of mixed-use developments in Hong Kong, SKYPARK is an exploration of the potential of “com-living” (communal living) in...

31 January 2019

China Zun: Beijing’s New Icon, 2018’s Tallest

Wuren Wang, CITIC HEYE Investment Co. Ltd.

At 528 meters, China Zun was the tallest building completed in 2018, and became the new tallest building in Beijing. It is the anchor of...

01 December 2018

Fire Resistance Studies on High Strength Steel Structures

Wei-Yong Wang & Yue Xia, Chongqing University; Guo-Qiang Li, Tongji University

High strength steels have been widely applied in recent years due to high strength and good working performance. When subjected to fire conditions, the strength...