20 October 2003

Assessment of the Life Safety Aspects and Structural Robustness of High Rise Buildings in Hong Kong

Craig Gibbons & Mingchun Luo, ARUP; David Dumigan, Central Waterfront Property Project Management

At the time of the events in New York of September 11, 2001, a 420m high 88 storey office building in Hong Kong was constructed...

20 October 2003

Protection Against Biological and Chemical Agents

Jari Vepsalainen, Lifa Air Asia

A building is a system of barriers which protect occupants from the environment. However the building system is incomplete in that it contains openings upon...

20 October 2003

Numerical Study on Possiblity of Activating Smoke Detectors in an Atrium

H.B. Wang, B. Yao, L. Yi, R. Huo, C.L. Shi & Y.Z. Li, University of Science and Technology of China

Atriums can be found in many high-rise buildings and detecting an atrium fire is very difficult because of the large space, e.g. the thermal-sensing head...

20 October 2003

Mitigation of Backdraft with Water Mist: A Reduced-Scale Experimental Study

W.G. Weng, W.C. Fan & B, Yao, University of Science and Technology of China

Fire is always a hazard that threatens the safety of tall buildings. A recent incident is the collapse of the World Trade Center. Backdraft is...

01 May 2001

Studies on Serviceability of Concrete Structures under Static and Dynamic Loads

Ding Dajun & An Lin, Nanjing Institute of Technology

This paper presents a series of experimental and theoretical studies on the serviceability of concrete structures, conducted at Nanjing Institute of Technology (NIT) for more...

01 May 2001

Interaction Between a Box-Foundation and a Super-Frame

Ding Dajun, Nanjing Institute of Technology

This paper deals with the mechanism of interaction between a box-foundation and a superstructure frame, referred to here as a super-frame. The author proposes an...