26 February 2001

Recent Infrastructure Developments in Hong Kong – the Background, Current and Future Developments

Raymond W. M. Wong, City University of Hong Kong

To accommodate somewhat 7 million people in a piece of land of size slightly bigger than 1050 sq km like Hong Kong is not an...

26 February 2001

New Towns in Hong Kong: Planning for the Next Generation

Pun Chung Chan

Hong Kong is perhaps the city in this planet that is subject to the most intense development pressures.The purpose of this paper is, therefore, to...

26 February 2001

Asia Report

Raymond Bates, Hong Kong Housing Authority

Raymond Bates concentrates on China and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. This report will focus on four areas: (a) The Asia economic crisis...

01 February 2000

Reinforced Concrete Mega-Frame for Tall Residential Buildings

Guosong He, Ehua Fang & Jiaru Qian, Tsinghua University

Open space, safety, and reasonable cost are among the most important design considerations for tall residential buildings. This paper will demonstrate that a mega-frame structure...