01 November 2003

Transportation Design for Building Evacuation

Marja-Liisa Siikonen, Kim Bärlund & Risto Kontturi, KONE

In this article, different scenarios of evacuation are introduced. Definitions and the process of the evacuation concept are discussed. Analytical equations to calculate evacuation times...

20 October 2003

Planning and Implementing and Emergency Evaluation Elevator System

Kim Barlund, Johannes De Jong & Risto Kontturi, KONE

This paper integrates the planning and implementation process of an emergency evacuation elevator system into the building planning process. The system is activated when partial...

20 October 2003

Evacuation Simulation of Tall Buildings

Henri Hakonen, Helsinki University of Technology; Tuomas Susi & Marja-Liisa Siikonen, KONE

In this paper, a theoretical review of elevator planning and evacuation by elevators and stairs is made. Elevator and stair simulations were made using the...

01 September 2003

Optimal Control of Double-Decker Elevator Group Using Genetic Algorithm

Janne Sorsa & Marja-Liisa Siikonen, KONE

We shall introduce the principles of optimal routing of double-deck elevators. Elevator routing problem is formulated as an integer programming problem and it is solved...

01 January 2002

Efficient evacuation methods in tall buildings

Marja-Liisa Siikonen & Henri Hakonen, KONE Corporation

The speed with which people can be rescued from a building can be crucial in saving lives in many emergency situations. In this article, evacuation...

09 December 2001

New Trends in Elevatoring Solutions for Medium to Medium-High Buildings to Improve Flexibility

Johannes de Jong & Marja-Liisa Siikonen, KONE

This article explains in detail alternative elevator arrangements available at the moment. Their consequences on the traffic handling in the building and the space required...