CTBUH Germany Presents: The Future City - Highrises and Sustainability

11 October 2022

Join CTBUH Germany for an event dedicated to the question of how sustainable high-rise buildings can actually be, and where the limits of what is feasible (and sensible) lie.

CTBUH 2021 International Conference

08–12 November 2021

The CTBUH 2021 International Conference is unlike any other, comprising CTBUH chapter events staged across multiple times zones around the world.

CTBUH Berlin Event 2019: Urban Densification

18 September 2019

The latest CTBUH Berlin Event addressed the question of how architects and designers can manage urban densification, while at the same time ensuring high standards of quality.

CTBUH Germany Symposium: Urban Densification (Sold Out)

18 September 2019

This symposium, hosted by CTBUH Germany, presents case studies from very different areas—and invites participants to discuss possible developments in their own cities.

CTBUH Germany Innovations in Tall Buildings Forum

22 November 2018

Join CTBUH Germany for this upcoming event, which will explore innovations in tall building materials, structures and architectural design.

CTBUH Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators Team Holds Second Meeting

23 June 2017

The second meeting of the research team involved in “A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Rope-Less, Non-Vertical Elevators” was held in Rottweil, Germany.