17 October 2016

The Haikou Tower - Signifier and Signified

Martin Henn, HENN

When designing the “Haikou Towers,” our aim was to go beyond an architecture of mere function or form, but to construct an architecture of meaning....

17 October 2016

Post Breakage Strength Testing for Overhead Laminated Glass

Ingo Stelzer, Trosifol

The design and structural performance of laminated glass in glazing applications like canopies and skylights is very critical, as it has an impact on the...

17 October 2016

Many Options in Laminated Glass to Make Façades More Efficient

Christoph Troska, Trosifol

Laminated glass as we know it today was originally produced with PVB, developed and patented exactly 80 years ago. It’s original application was to increase...

17 October 2016

New Approaches for Efficient People Transportation in Both Dimensions – Vertically and Horizontally

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf & Joerg Mueller, thyssenkrupp Elevator

The trend of growing cities with permanently increasing populations will require new and visionary solutions for mobility in urban areas. Moving people as we are...

01 August 2016

Local Context and Global Workflows: Designing Tall for Today and Beyond

Matin Henn, HENN Architekten

The work of HENN Architects is reflective of the themes of both the previous CTBUH Conference Global Interchanges (New York, 2015) and the upcoming Cities...

18 February 2015

Frankfurt and Rotterdam: Skylines as Embodiment of a Global City

Nebojša Čamprag, Technical University of Darmstadt

In contrast to US cities, which allowed construction of skyscrapers in central urban areas, the post-World War II development of western Europe generally involved new...