19 September 2012

Innovative and Sustainable High-Rise Façade Systems in Asia

Thomas Winterstetter, Werner Sobek & Benjamin Beer, Werner Sobek Group

This paper presents modern optimized high rise facade systems on outstanding projects in the Far East and Central Asia. The variety of architectural ideas, the...

10 October 2011

Robotic High-Rise Construction of Pagoda Concept: Innovative Earthquake-Proof Design for the Tokyo Sky Tree

Thomas Bock & Thomas Linner, Technische Universität München; Shino Miura, The University of Tokyo

The Tokyo Sky Tree was constructed by using techniques and components of its Automated Building Construction System (ABCS) which they have been developing since the...

03 March 2008

Sustainable Tall Buildings – Some Introductory Remarks

Werner Sobek & Heiko Trumpf, Werner Sobek Group

This paper considers the basic requirements needed to achieve truly sustainable buildings. It discusses possible ways of modifying the cooperation between all project partners responsible...

20 October 2003

Performance Strategies for Highrise Buildings: Tendecies and Developments in Europe

Nobert Rehle & Werner Sobek, Werner Sobek Ingenieure

This paper focuses on consequences of a presumed collapse for the design of high-rise buildings in Europe. Some recently developed high-rise buildings in Germany will...

26 February 2001

Greening Office Towers

Christoph Ingenhoven, Ingenhoven Overdiek und Partner

The aim in all the projects described in this paper is to work closely with engineers and other specialists throughout the whole of the design...

26 February 2001

Existing Urban Conditions

Irene Wiese von Ofen, Inhaber

This paper is a short review on the demography shows the extreme differences in the needs of population looking on infrastructure, health-systems, natural resources as...