13 March 2017

Green-Towers Projects

This video describes some of Green-Towers' projects in a short 2 minutes.

07 March 2017

Green Towers Explained in 90 Seconds

This video explains the company Green-Towers Sustainable High-Rises GmbH.

19 October 2016

Rottweil: Rethinking Elevator Test Towers

thyssenkrupp sees innovative elevator solutions at the core of developing vertical and sustainable cities for the future, and to this end, is building its new...

17 October 2016

Many Options in Laminated Glass to Make Facades More Efficient

Laminated glass as we know it today was originally produced with PVB, developed and patented exactly 80 years ago. It’s original application was to increase...

17 October 2016

Post Breakage Strength Testing for Overhead Laminated Glass

The design and structural performance of laminated glass in glazing applications like canopies and skylights is very critical, as it has an impact on the...

17 October 2016

Increased High-Rise Resilience to Stabilize Cities of the Future

Dense urban city environments consist of an agglomeration of tall buildings. The resilience of cities as a whole depends, among other components, on the resilience...