03 April 2023

Year in Review: Tall Trends of 2022: World Surpasses 2,000 Buildings of 200 Meters or Greater Height


This report shows that 147 buildings of 200 meters’ height or greater were completed in 2022, a 25 percent increase from 2021, when 118 such...

30 April 2018

Cyclone-Glazing and Façade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region: Market and Code Study

Angela Mejorin, Dario Trabucco, CTBUH; Reisuke Nakada, Malvinder Singh Ruprai & Ingo Stelzer, Trosifol World of Interlayers

This paper summarizes the Stage 1 results of the CTBUH Research Division’s project “Cyclone-Glazing and Facade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region.” The project was possible...

02 June 2017

Transport and the Megacity: Improving Vitality with Connectivity

John Prevc, Future Spaces Foundation

There is no easy answer to ensuring the world’s rapid urban population growth is managed sustainably and in a manner that promotes economic growth, social...

17 October 2016

Changing Market Forces and Their Impacts on Tall Building Planning and Design: A Case Study

Ro Shroff, CallisonRTKL

This paper articulates how changing market conditions and other variables impact the design process for tall buildings in general and a 355m tall luxury residential...

17 October 2016

Ecosystem-Driven Value Creation for Smarter, Digitalized Buildings

Jukka Salmikuukka, Tomio Pihkala & Samu Salmelin, KONE

Digitization is reshaping industries and driving the rise of new business models, with new ways of working and new entrants rewriting the rules in the...

17 October 2016

Megacities: Setting the Scene

Daniel Safarik, Shawn Ursini & Antony Wood; Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The rise of the megacity presents unprecedented opportunities to understand the human urbanization phenomenon, and to observe the effects of multicore, polycentric cities growing together...

17 October 2016

Preventing Mega Disasters in Megacities - Code & Construction Challenges in the Indian Subcontinent

Steven Baldridge & Anantha Chittur, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering, Inc.

Located adjacent to China, the Indian Subcontinent is also experiencing amazing concentrated urban growth facilitated in part by high-rise commercial and residential construction. These new...

17 October 2016

Sustainable (Vertical) Urbanism, Grounded - Three Case Studies

Jay Berman, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Tall buildings in an urban context are not neutral: their presence is amplified by large populations; the consolidation of real estate; contrast with adjacent streets,...

17 October 2016

The SocialScraper

Carlos Gomez, CRG Architects

Future projects should be adapted to local needs and requirements where they are to be built, using appropriate materials and construction systems for each location....

17 October 2016

Transport and the Megacity: Improving Vitality with Connectivity

John Prevc, Make Architects

The world’s urban population already accounts for more than half of the total population and is predicted to rise to 66% by 2050. Given that...