16 September 2014

Vinda Dravid, Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services

India is poised to embrace high-rise buildings as it leaves behind traditional low-rises to make room for the growing population. Due to the re-development boom,...

01 February 2014

Suruchi Modi, Ansal University

For most of the postwar period, people moved to the suburbs in search of a better life. But if cities can offer them substantial reasons...

01 December 2012

Naveet Kaur, V. A. Matsagar, and A. K. Nagpal, Indian Institute of Technology

Earthquake response of mid-rise to high-rise buildings provided with friction dampers is investigated. The steel buildings are modelled as shear-type structures and the investigation involved...

10 October 2011

Amitabh Kumar & Amit Singhai, Indiabulls Real Estate Limited

Sky Towers consists of four high rises - Sky, Sky Forest (Twin Towers) and SKY Suites, 257 to 300+ meters height, under construction in Mumbai,...

04 January 2011

Sourav Dasgupta,; Mayank Gandhi, Remaking of Mumbai Federation

Does Residence Antilia, the "world's tallest and most expensive private home" represent a positive addition to the city of Mumbai's skyline?

16 October 2005

Asif Iqbal, Bangladesh Consultants

The history and present status of development of tall buildings in Dhaka City is presented in the background of its evolution and growth. It is...