19 May 2021

Regulating Compact Urbanity in Jakarta

Putrikinasih R. Santoso, Dyah Fatma & Julianti P. Setiawan, PDW

One of the key challenges to achieving livable, compact urban complexes in Jakarta is the local building codes, which regulate types of activities, setbacks, spatial...

11 October 2019

A Responsible Urban Rejuvenation of Jakarta

Patrick Daly & Paolo Testolini, Woods Bagot

Sinking faster than any other big city on the planet, over 40% of Jakarta is now below sea level. Solutions to prevent the decay of...

17 October 2016

Connectivity in Future Density Indonesia Archipelago

Prasetyo Adi, Dwi Hergiawan, Achmad Zakaria & Pandu B. Siswotomo, PDW Architects

The paper will discuss about the development of Indonesia metropolitan cities. According to national census of 2010 there are 11 cities in Indonesia with population...

17 October 2016

State-of-the-Practice in Design and Construction of Deep Basements in Jakarta

Nick Alexander, Davy Sukamta & Stephen Handoko, Davy Sukamta & Partners

Jakarta is a large metropolis with a strong trend for vertical urbanism marked by the construction of numerous high-rise buildings with 5- to 7-level deep...

16 September 2014

Next Level – Public Transport and Density in Metropolitan Jakarta

Next Level – Public Transport and Density in Metropolitan Jakarta

Jakarta, with a population of more than 10 million, has been rapidly growing since the 1970s. However, in the metropolitan area, Jabodetabek (consisting of 14...

16 September 2014

Advances in Seismic Design and Construction in Indonesia

Davy Sukamta, Davy Sukamta & Partners

Since the Great Aceh Earthquake of 2004, much progress has been achieved in Indonesia with the aim of building better earthquake resistant structures. The seismic...