Iran Conference on High-Rise Buildings

17–20 January 2017

CTBUH Iran will be participating in a panel discussion at the High-Rise Building Conference in Tehran. This year's conference topic is 'Habitation in Green Cities.'

CTBUH Iran Participates in Iran Conference on High-Rise Buildings

17–19 January 2017

CTBUH Iran led a panel discussion at the Third Conference on High-Rise Buildings, focusing on “Habitation in Green Cities.”

CTBUH Iran Sets Goals for the Future

22 December 2015

CTBUH Iran organized a session to introduce themselves and announce their mission and future undertakings during the Second National Conference on High-Rise Buildings.

University of Tehran Hosts CTBUH Workshop

23 February 2012

Students and professors from around Iran gathered recently for a CTBUH workshop on tall buildings and high-rise technology.

Payam Bahrami

Regional Representative

Payam Bahrami

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